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Get Discount Flights To Las Vegas

"How To Get Discount Flights To Las Vegas And Las Vegas Flight Deals"

By Karin Manning

Are you after a discount flight to Las Vegas?


You can start your budget trip to Vegas by getting the cheapest flights to Las Vegas and special Las Vegas flight deals.


If you are prepared to put in a little effort you can find cheap deals. Thankfully the Internet makes that really easy for you.


Let's start scouting the best airfare deals now.


Online Discounters


Look for airfares on http://www.expedia.com. They have a lot of package deals and get reduced tickets from many large airlines. They are a fast way to see what prices are available, though they won't necessarily have the lowest prices for you. It's a great base to start from.


Here are some more online discounters:


Cheap Tickets, Travelocity, Best Fares, Lowest Fare


Online Consolidators/Auction


http://www.Hotwire.com and http://www.Priceline.com are great places to get reduced airfare prices, provided you are flexible with the times and days you want to fly to Vegas. You won't get the full details until you have paid. And don't commit until you have found the lowest rates.

Some airlines advertise internet specials so check out airlines that fly to Las Vegas where you are just in case.


You'd be amazed to find out how much airline tickets fluctuate in a 24 hour period. If you see an airfare you are interested during the day, check again after midnight. Chances are that the price is cheaper.


If all else fails here are a few tricks for getting cheap flights to Las Vegas.  


Stay overnight on a Saturday. Flights during the week are always dearer because people are assumed to be high rolling business big shots who fly anywhere during the week.


If your city has more than one airport try the smaller airport. Sometimes they can offer cheaper fares


Be flexible about the time of day you want to fly and the exact date. Look an airline deals for the day before and day after your preferred travel date.


The dreaded red-eye flight to Las Vegas. Flying overnight can save you a heap of cash. If you don't like the idea of flying to Vegas on a red-eye then fly one home. Chances are you'll be so pleasantly exhausted after your fun Vegas vacation that you will enjoy the extra sleep on the plane.


Never accept the first fare quoted. More often than not a less expensive deal will come up within hours of your booking.


Sometimes it may be cheaper to buy two round trip tickets - one for the day you want to leave home and the day you want to leave Vegas - than buying one regular round trip fare.


Book your flight well in advance. Airlines usually sell tickets much less the earlier you book it.


If you book a flight with an airline and subsequently see them advertising cheaper flights call the airline and complain demanding a refund for the difference


What is the best way to get a stand-by seat?


Reserve an economy seat for your flight. Arrive at the airport the day you want to leave and see if you can get a standby ticket (the best standby days are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday). If you can get a standby seat then become a no-show on your economy ticket for a full refund.

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